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Canine Facts

This software is so easy to use,
you might catch your dogs charting their own ancestry!

The Canine Facts Software Package is so simple, even computer beginners have no trouble. The user simply picks choices from menus and follows on-screen instructions.

A complete manual is included which covers the easy installation procedures. It contains answers to the most frequently asked questions, and is designed with first-time users in mind.

Each Canine Facts system is kennel-personalized.

Canine Facts doesn't require special numbers to identify your dog, it allows you to use the registration number for identification. This simple method allows you to deal with information you already know.

Pedigree Charting Features
  • Easy data entry
  • Minimal technical skills required
  • Handles over 20,000 dogs
  • On-screen registration number index
  • Menu-driven system
  • Personalized with the name of your kennel
  • Multiple comment fields
  • Registration number controlled
  • Easy record updating
  • Single level data entry
  • Rapid system recovery
  • Four pedigree formats
  • Four generations on a single page
  • Field-selectible pedigree charts
  • Up to 5 generation pedigree charts
  • Some pedigree charts can include a picture of the dog
  • Progeny reporting
  • Field-selectible progeny
  • Up to 9 generation progeny charts
  • Parameter-controlled reports
  • Extensive selective list reporting

The pedigree chart is developed by entering the registration numbers of each dog and its parents. Ancestors can be added to the file in any sequence.

Each printed pedigree chart can be customized to the user's preference. The standard pedigree chart is printed with only the registration number of the dog and its ancestors. Additional data can be added to the chart by choosing options from the menu.

The user can select to print a single-page pedigree chart, or multiple-page charts that can accommodate up to 9 generations.

Selective Reports

Users can choose from a variety of different reports. Some examples are:

  • Registration numbers list
  • Registration numbers with parents' registration number
  • Detail report for a series of registration numbers
  • Selective reporting by parameters

This information can be requested for all records or for a selected range of registration numbers.

Progeny Report

Progeny charts can be printed showing their dependents and mates up to 9 generations.

Progeny charts, like the pedigree charts, are customizable and can include information other than the standard registration numbers, from the additional fields stored in each record.

Additional Features

The system can be loaded to multiple subdirectories on a hard drive. While it is not necesssary to create multiple copies of the system for multiple breeds, this feature allows the user to operate the system separately for the different breeds, etc. The systems are kennel-personalized and are sold on a single-user basis.

Support programs are included to recover data after a power loss or other malfunction.

Records can be modified/changed by editing only the specific field(s) of the record needing modification.

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Canine Facts Software Package

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